Motor terminology
Radio control:

You can control your motor with a remote control. You can also use a smart wall switch, smart phone buy adding optional component.

Standard motor:

When the motor is not radio controlled, it is a standard motor. This kind of motor are controlled by a standard wall switch with two positions.

Manual ovveride:

This feature allows you to operate your motor when power is off or gone. By turning the eye shaft you can open or close your motor manually. This features is hightly rrecommended for exterior application and when there is a risk for the product to let it open in case of bad weather and power is gone.

Codification & acronym
5xx, 6xx: The first number is a codification for the motor's diameter. The second number "xx" is the motor's torque(strenght in newton-meter (nm)). Ex: 550 = serie5 and 50nm.
RTS (Somfy), CMO (Simu) and R (Source One - S1D) mean "Radio control".
CMO (Somfy), DMI (Simu) and MO (Source One - S1D) mean "Manual Override".
All the motors we supply included standard accessories (crown & drive, universal plate, remote control, eye shaft for manual override motor). If you need only accessories or specific accessories (ex: Wind or sun sensor), please contact us.
If you have any doubt about what you need, please contact us.
If you are a professional, please contact us for pricing!
(*) Products on this page are free shipping in the USA (except for Alaska & Hawaii), orders over $119
(**) 10% off on all Somfy and Simu motors and accessories
(***) Almost all Somfy accesories are 100% compatible with SIMU products.
(****) The Price of S1D motor includes all the accessories needed (remote control, crown and drive, plate, eye shaft...). Not SOMFY and SIMU one
(*****) All Motors and accessories are 5 years warranty.
(******) Delivered within 4-5 business days.
(*******) If you are a professional, please contact us to establish your price list
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